Checklist for Kwik 2 Book App Pages

  1. Set the Page Properties
  2. Click the Project and Pages category - Page Properties

    1. Start Scale: Keep Default Settings
      We want the page to load at 100% scale and 100% alpha, so let's leave the default settings.

    2. Gestures: No Page Swipe
      We are using Next and Back buttons. So we will turn off the swipe gesture. Uncheck the box.

    3. Navigation
      Only uncheck this box if you don't want the page to be included in the nav panel.

    4. In-App Purchase: No
      This book is going to be free so we won't need the In-App Purchase feature. Leave that blank.

  3. Layer Properties - For All Layers On Page
  4. Click the Layers and Replacements category - Layer Properties

    1. Export Properties

      • Export Image as .jpg
        For full sized graphic layers with no transparency

      • Save as Shared Assets
        For layers with objects used on more than one page
        You will see that Kwik adds the prefex "kwk" to the layer name

      • Show in thumbnail
        Uncheck only for layers that you wish to NOT show in the page thumbnail graphic

      • Render as
        Keep this set to the same layer you are working on unless you wish to use the graphic from another layer instead.

  5. After all layers have been set.
  6. Click File - Save to save the changes to the Photoshop .psd file.